GS Caltex

GSeCompany Overview
With the goal of delivering the highest levels of quality and service, GS Caltex proceeded with facility expansion for polypropylene since launching production of Hiprene in 1988 and currently has an annual capacity of 180,000MTA. The entire volume of feedstock for polypropylene, propylene, is sourced internally from the RFCC (Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracker) process. GS Caltex was the first in Korea to develop raw materials for lubricant containers, water bottles and blowing agents. Such innovation not only met clients’ diverse needs but contributed to technological advances in the domestic polypropylene industry.

In addition, GS Caltex is strengthening its presence in the Chinese market. In 2006, we launched GS Caltex (Langfang) Plastic China in the city of Langfang in Hebei Province. That was followed by the founding of GS Caltex (Suzhou) Plastic China in 2010. These two companies produce and supply polypropylene to Hyundai Motor, LG Electronics, and Haier in China.

GS Caltex is focused on becoming a global manufacturer of compounded resin. Upon the completion of the Czech plant in 2011, GS Caltex became the first Korean company to advance into the compounded resin business in Europe region. GS Caltex also completed construction of compounded resin plant with the capacity of 40,000 tons per annum in Jinju in 2013, further enhancing the presence of key player in the market. GS Caltex is planning to add additional facilities in phases, with an ultimate target capacity of 100,000 tons per annum. We will also contribute to the growth in the local area through successful operation.