Pan Chemical is leading polymer distributor in South Korea. With an in-depth understanding for the needs and developments of the market as well a passion for technical perfection, the company has been serving the demands of industries such as home appliances and automobiles.

We believe in offering exceptional products and service. Our plastic solutions is not to simply supply plastic resins. We participate in from the initial stage of new product development, and we develop plastic resins fit to new product through the cooperation with resin suppliers and customers.

Pan Chemical is a highly motivated company, dedicated to meeting the requirements of customers and distribution partners. Commitment to quality, technological innovation, cost competitiveness, flexibility and responsiveness to customers’ requirements have enabled us to become an outstanding plastic resin supplier, with over 70 % of its revenue exported to overseas 15 conturies.


  • NPK
  • GS Caltex
  • KTR
  • KEP
  • Daelim