DAELIMDaelim has led Korea’s construction and petrochemical industries for the past 74 years, representing the history of economic growth
of Korea. Now, DAELIM Group has 13 affiliates, including education and culture foundations.

DAELIM Industrial Petrochemical Unit. Overview
1. The 4th largest ethylene production company in Asia founded in 1979
2. Established strategic alliance to specialize in high-value petrochemical industry in 1999
3. Currently operates DAELIM Petrochemical Division and 3 JV companies(YNCC, PMC, KRCC)

DAELIM Industrial
Petrochemical Unit

2012 Sales : USD 1,218Million
Established in 1987 by acquiring
Honam Ethylene
Yeochun NCC Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene, SM
2012 Sales : USD 7,323Million
Established on 31st December, 1999
PolyMirae Polypropylene
2012 Sales : USD 849Million
Established on 1st September, 2000
KR Copolymer K-Resin
2012 Sales : USD 89Million
Established on 1st February, 2000


Asia’s 4th Largest NCC
– Production Capacity
: 1,910 thousand tons of ethylene per year

Innovative Technologies
– Holds metallocene fundamental technology (First development & Commercialization in Korea)
– Holds fundamental technology of CON-PB, HRPB catalyst and process
: World’s second commercialization of HRPB(2009)

Superior Process O&M Capability
– More than 50 petrochemical project O&M experiences
– POLYMED PLANT in Algeria

PB : World’s 2nd Market Share(21%)
– 140 thousand tons per year

World Class Utilization & Facility management Capability
– World’s top utilization rate of NCC more than 95% utilization rate
– Excellent capacity extension capability (950 thousand tons – 1,910 thousand tons/year)