Core Value

Core values in a company form the foundation upon which employees perform their work and conduct themselves. Core values have been part of the company spirit since its establishment. A shared set of core values helps guide our behaviour in a consistent way across the ever-diverse array of people, cultures and organisations.

Core values form and shape the essence of our company culture. They serve to keep us all together as a team and re-affirm what Pan Chemical stands for. Our core values build on our heritage and provide an aspiration for the future.

Our core values consist of:

  • Customer Focus & Long-Term View
  • Quality & Innovation
  • Freedom & Responsibility
  • Partnership & Fun

Customer Focus & Long term View

We ensure we add value and inspire our customers because we recognize that they come to us by choice. We dare to lead with a focus beyond tomorrow and take opportunities to learn and grow.

Quality & Innovation

We do not compromise on quality. We relentlessly drive for better, fit-for-purpose solutions and breakthrough innovations.

Freedom & Responsibility

We have the freedom to take initiative and act decisively in the best interests of Sungbo and our customers. We take responsibility for our actions and contribute to the communities in which we operate.

Partnership & Fun

We respect and rely on one another for exceptional results. We enjoy working together and celebrating our achievements.